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Lady And The Knight
Beauteous was she, sitting alone in the woods, the dark of night providing her solace.

The Dark Knight Drew closer, His Black steed and dark armour shielding him from her eyes in the moonless night.

She could not see him - yet she knew he was there, and the thought was strangely comforting to her.

She Knew this Shadow of the night was benevolent, yet she did not know how she knew, he stayed his distance, watching over her, for he knew the perils a maiden faced in the dark woods alone at night.

She Called out to him, "Dark Shadow, ease your soul, come sit beside me and rest your body."



The Knight replied "My Lady, a vision you are, sat alone in the woods at night, do you not fear the darkness?"

Dismounting, the knight strode over to her, in the darkness, she could nay see much, however, his eyes shone with a warm glow.

Never had she seen such a man, if indeed, a man he was. Perplexed, she arose from her rest and asked the Knight to walk a while with her until their paths would split. The Knight agreed and so their journey began.

It soon became clear to the Knight that this was no ordinary woman, nay, indeed she was quite extra-ordinary, a spirit of the woods, and quite pleasant in her demeanor.

The Lady came to realise that the Knight was no ordinary man, A spirit of the darkness, whose chivalry and valour had seen many battles, a man whose honour was written upon his heart.

She felt safe in his company and was able to speak of many things she had kept secret from the world. He in turn felt comfortable in her presence and his heart was poured out before her.

Totally opposite, yet so much alike, this spirit of the woods and this Dark Knight, She was at home in the darkness he loved, and he was smitten by this angelic vision.

They knew that their journey would very soon end, for daylight was approaching and they must take rest. In the darkness they wandered these two dark souls. Their spirits would flee once the sun arose.

With a glance at the Knight, The Lady began to fade, he took her hand, and upon it, a fair kiss he laid. "Goodbye My Lady, until we next meet."

With that the Lady vanished and the Knight, once more, was alone.


Penned By DK