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Dark Lovers

Dark Lovers (Hers)

The moon is full the sky is clear
she awaits now, her mind so clear
Awakens the lost soul from her dreams 
with hoots from the wise owl, the night bat screams
Waiting for that one,
who one with herself will become,
She awaits her Dark Lover
to unlock the passion, his to discover
Stealthy as a mist on the moor
The One with the key, to her hearts door,
Into his arms she willingly floats
and her lips with kisses he lovingly coats
wrapped in his arms of gentle darkness
His Mighty Heart She has harnessed
Captured by her bewitching smile,
Seldom has a man faced such a trial
her loved one approaches and fills the void
left from hearts long plagued and toyed
tears dripped down her cheek and stained...
to wash away the fears that remained
cold as ice yet warm as fire
they melt into radiant desire
each enthralled, life's leash tossed aside,
Looking to enjoy the torrential tide
Love's rhythm sets the tune this night
as passionate embers burn bright
and into the darkness the twain do fall
And Passion breaks down the up built walls
The love they share is so unique
a rarity that all mortals seek
She watches as he stands erect and tall
And speaks "you are my love, my all"

Dark Lovers (His)

Dark Lovers embrace in the shadow of night,
Caressing each other, not prone to flight
The Bright moon shines upon their heavenly embrace,
Lighting the love in each ones face
Tall and proud the dark lord stands
as he holds his mistress within his hands
A carved form she freely holds,
as she awaits, pleasures untold
In the darkness, a firelight stirs,
As his eyes peer into hers,
he sees a soul, fair and free,
and a place he longs to be,
for in her soul, a freedom shines,
that may release him from his binds
In her heart, a goodness glows,
From where it seeps, no one knows
the heart spills forth the dreams of the night
and each spirit holds so very tight
Loves Fiery embrace - has now erupted,
the rhythm of the moment - stands uninterrupted
she longs for more, he stands erect,
this moment is theirs, theirs to select
A flower in blossom, this fair young maid,
A flower the Dark Lord, will never trade.
A rose in the garden of loves deep tide,
Inside the petals the pair do hide
Cradled in passion they melt as one
A passion as crimson as the sun
They lay among the roses souls set afire
melted in one majestic desire
The fire of their love, burning so hot,
As she whispers, "my love...forget me not.."
As the cold Light of Day, begins to dawn,
The dark Lord Fades and he is gone.

Penned By NS, ND, And DK