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The dark of the night,


In the dark of the night,

As you lay lay your head by my side,

And as the night creeps slowly along,

Thoughts race inside my mind,

I feel your heaving breasts,

Rise and fall with each breath

As deeply you do sleep,

And I listen to you contently,

In the darkness of your dream,

I ride into your life,

I am your protector,

Your shelter from your strife,

I am The Dark Knight,

The Keeper at the gate,

I, from darkness, bring forth light,

And make the darkness wait.

I am the Shadow, that once you feared,

The Ghost upon your mind,

The Darkness in your fairest dreams,

I am the dark, the light, the fear,

I am the one who you hold dear,

My goal in life is to keep you safe,

Provide for you, for the life you gave,

You sacrificed all you had,

To join my eternal Dark.

Penned by DK