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Knocking aloud at the gates of hell, 
Searing screams, acidic smell, 
Standing at the pit of death, 
The dark Knight draws the sword of stealth
From the clutches of hell, the souls do wrench
From the evil pit, rises filth and stench
from heart of blackness the soul doth fly
From the glaring view of evils eye
Tortured souls, crying in pain,
Screams of agony, again and again
Eyes of pity look down into hell
See the fearsome sight so well
Armour of black and sword of steel,
Await the evil ones blood to feel
Smoldering tissue scorching to touch
Stench of rotting, tis too much
Crying aloud - he mounts his steed,
And forth he travel's at God's speed
At last he reaches the gates of Hell
Where all lost souls are forced to dwell
He raises high his shining sword
Slides down his mask and gallops forward
With a Lightning flash and a wail of thunder
All that is evil, his steed treads under
Lost souls flee from the infernos flame,
free from evils grip and pain
The Battle over, the fight is won
Tortured souls released, the knights work done

Penned By DK ND and DB