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The KnightMare






The KnightMare...

The KnightMare is riding,
Watch your dreams,
The KnightMare is riding,
She Hears your screams,
The KnightMare is racing,
Don't close your eyes,
The Knightmare is racing,
To steal your dreams prize,

Blacker than night,
A heart of coal,
A hide of Ebony,
Hear her roar,
Breath of fire,
The steed from hell,
Eyes full of anger,
Heed her well,

Upon her back,
The Dark Knight sits,
Guiding her path,
Where he sees fit,
Don't close your eyes,
Don't you dare sleep,
He will guide her,
T'ward the dreams keep,

But on her way,
She passes through hell,
Through many dreams,
She knows the path well,
He guides her head,
She guides her own heart,
Blacker than night,
In dreams she will take part.

The KnightMare is Riding,
Penned By DK