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Dream of the night
A beauteous vision of Love untold,
As the moments tick by and the hours unfold
The moon doth glow in the darkened sky,
The snow doth fall and the wind rides high
The stars do pierce the curtain of Night,
As heavenward I Look - O' what a sight
Thine eyes, Like the moon guide my path
The Mist Crawls over the rolling hills, 
Of this Darkness I take my fill
A Blanket of snow covers the ground
And the world stands in calmness, still, not a sound
While my heart to the brim doth fill
Thine shining eyes through the darkness, guide me.
Thine keen ears in a moment find me.
The waters stand, frozen and bright, 
As alone I stand on this cold night
The wind screams aloud, and darkness beckons
Knowing not what fate has in store...
knowing not what I may chance to explore
I see her there, in my minds eye,
And she doth explore with a sigh
As we share the night, not knowing of our plight
And darkness wanes, as the sun doth rise
Darkness is shared with memories so sweet...
Making the daylight more complete
And our love like the moon glows
In our hearts only we know
Our love begins to grow
The wolf cries loudly for his mate
Where it follows is his fate
Dancing moonbeams lay close to you ear
The moons sends a message oh so clear...
He does now fade, with the nights last touch, 
And howls to the mate he loves so much
Into the hearts of men the howl strikes fear
But into the heart of his love it strikes only passion
And he must learn to change and to fashion
Hear the wind whisper clear....
For your true love will soon be here

Penned by 
DK - Night Dreams And Shadow Warrior.