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The Dark Lord. 

The Dark Lord sits in caverns black,
The Acrid smell of sulphur taints his throne,
The Caverns, Large, no front, no back,
And He sits in the Dark, alone,
He waits with patience, though in vain,
For A maiden fair and soft of heart,
Who his right hand seat will claim,

And of His life, be part.
Darkness surrounds him, Is his friend,
He wishes his solitude would end,
He needs A bride, to share his life,
A warm young lady, to be his wife.
A Lady of Light, the shadows to chase,
To lift the darkness from his face,
To cry aloud in a passions instant,
And his heart, to make less distant.
He scours the earth, for such a girl,
And discovers, in all the world,
Not one lady his life to share,
Not among mankind, anywhere.
So alone he sits, and waits, forever,
For his bride to join him, be together,
Looks in the darkness, still no sign,
Of woman graceful, demure and fine,
Only bitterness stirs in either world,
And he wishes heaven could be overturned,
For the girl he seeks is an angel, pure,
The one who his loneliness can cure,
With wings of Eider, heart of gold,
Someone forever that he can hold.

~penned By DK and Trouble~


Standing in the early morning sun,
Waiting for a day, that has just begun,
Seeing the smile light up your face, 
Feeling the warmth of friendship in this place,
I feel in your presence, cared for and needed,
And remember the time our friendship was seeded,
You are there when I need you most,
A true friend you are, not a mere ghost.
I take from your heart, all you allow,
And give it thee back with this, my vow,
Friendship forever, and all I can give,
Are yours for the taking as long as I live.
And as the sun rises, and the daylight arrives,
Our friendship grows stronger, each day of our lives

penned by DK


In The deepest shadows of your eyes,

I see the future, or perhaps,

A memory of what could have been,

Your soft velvet skin,

Hiding the beauty within,

The future, the past, combined into one,

Time is endless here, the meaning has gone.

Your sweet Ivory smile,

Makes my day worthwhile.

Many more things I would like to say,

But in my head and heart they will stay.

Know this my friend you are truly unique,

And I look forward to the times we can speak.

Penned By ~DK~

For A Special Friend