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Welcome to the Lair of Darkness

I am the Dark Knight. At my side is the Spirit of the night, 

I am the spirit of the night, I am the Shadow which blankets the Knight.

Where the Knight travels the Shadow will follow in the Mist.

The mist is the blanket which covers the ghosts and protects the spirit, and embraces the dark.

Welcome to our darkened world, where your pain is our embrace.

Welcome to our darkness, where your pain is taken away from you, for the time, you are here.

Welcome to our heaven, the darkness which you fear,

We welcome you with open arms, and drive away your pain.

Welcome to our Lair of Darkness.

Do not fear.. for that which embodies us, is here to guide you. in your journey into the light.

The light which fills you with hope and joy, this is our gift to you.

Surrounded by darkness, yet gifted with light, we welcome you.

We are the , Spirit, the,  Dark Knight. and the Ghost

We are the Creatures of The Night, enjoy our peace.

Penned By DK and Spirit